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The electronic reporting solution for technical service

winspector is a system for automated recording of activities performed and material consumed during technical service or maintenance of equipment, machines or installations.

With GCS you get it all out of one hand

With winspector bothersome hand written reports are a thing of the past. Thanks to electronic data transmission, time is no longer wasted for typing illegible reports into the central computer long after the service job was completed.

winspector supports not only the technician with information about the equipment to be serviced, but also the administration in processing and preparing of data and most importantly provides management with complete records and meaningful statistics to evaluate the effeciency of the service operation.

winspector combines Hard- and Software to a powerful tool for the entire service organisation.

The winspector Field Tools

Depending on the application different mobile data capture terminals with different features can be chosen as "field tool". Currently the following devices are supported:

The GCS Escorte, ProxiEscorte and OptoEscorte

GCS Escorte (classic) Proxi-Escorte Opto-Escorte

The Escorte is a very robust and reliable data capture unit, that should be chosen if you are working in a very tough environment, and if no keyboard input or display is required.

The ProxiEscorte (reads GCS Data Strips and RFID Tags) and the OptoEscorte (reads optical Bar Codes) can also be used.

GCS Pen-Master PSION Workabout PSION Workabout with Scemtec Tag/Bar Code Scanner PSION Workabout with Bar Code Scanner

The GCS PenMaster and the PSION WorkAbout,
the PSION Workabout with Bar Code Scanner or the PSION Workabout with Scemtec Tag/Bar Code Scanner

The combination of the PSION Workabout and the GCS PenMaster should be chosen for tough environments when keyboard input and a display is required.

The GCS PenMaster can also be used with either scanning device, meaning that 3 different data media can read with one electronic data collector!

System Overview

With the help of winspector PC software, the service dispatcher or supervisor prepares all relevant data for service calls for the next day(s). All important data such as customer address, contact person, telephone number, serial number of the equipment, service instructions, the last service call and information about the service currently requested are transferred to the Field Tool.

By reading his personal id data strip with the Field Tool, the technician begins a service "tour". Each piece of equipment is identified with an tamper proof data strip or proximity tag to verify the presence of the technician on site and when the service call started and ended. After scanning the data medium the technician has all relevant data for the equipment and information on the requested service on the screen of the workabout.

The performed tasks and spare parts consumed can be recorded either by scanning a data strip in the incident booklet or by using the keyboard. Optical bar codes can be used if the Field Tool in use supports scanning optical bar-codes.

tragbarer Drucker "Pentax PocketJet"

At the end of the service job, the equipment data medium is read again. If requested, a service report can be printed on a mobile printer on site and can be signed off by the customer. The technican can now move on the next service call. At the end of the "service tour" (any number of service jobs) the technician signs off by scanning his personal id strip again. Now the collected data can be downloaded into the central computer via the Workabout docking station, GCS Data Transfer Unit (when using the Escorte), or by remote modem