The Data Strips












































Command Book Incident Booklet GCS Data Strips The Data Strips

GCS data strips with the worldwide unique and non-erasable magnetizable code can be easily and inconspicuously attached anywhere.

The unique, unfalsifiable code, which can be traced back to the bar code principle, can hardly be damaged, are insensitive to weather, moisture, grease and filth, allowing them to used free of maintenance over many years.

Data strips can be supplied with or without adhesive tape in blue, green, red, white, black or in other colors upon request.

The Megastrip


The GCS Mega strip was designed for extreme situations, e.g. extreme temperatures, weather conditions or dirt.

The Mega strips are considerably larger in order to notice them in the open and safeguard them from environmental conditions. They are mounted with Mega Screws and guarantee long usage under extreme environmental influences resulting in problem free readings.

Due of its size, the Mega strip must be swiped slightly faster than the standard data strip.

The Transponder Tags

Tags Transponder Tag

Transponder Tags are used for the touchless reading with the ProxiEscorte. ProxiPen or the PSION Workabout with Scemtec Scanner.

RFID Tags can be used with GCS Guarding Software as well as with winspector Software.

The reading distance of the tags ranges from 3mm to 30mm, depending on the reading device.

Upon request the current time and ID number of the ProxiEscorte can be deposited inside the tag (read/write). This is used to find out when the last reading occurred.

Through the touchless identification and the various sizes of the transponders, it is possible to mount them in many ways. (e.g behind glass, behind doors, under plaster, under paint, etc.).

The Command Book

Command BookThe command book is used to program the Escorte in the Patrol Manager mode, without the help of a PC.

Information such as date, time, print command, user identification and patrol rounds can be programmed. Furthermore, control points can be deleted or changed within a master round.

The type of report issued on the printer can also be defined using command strips.

The Incident Booklet

Incident Booklet with NOVA TagsThe Incident Booklet for Guarding

With the Incident booklet the guard can protocoll ocurrences and activities during a guard tour. The compact size of the incident booklet makes it easy for the guard to carry it at all times

Using the Dau Utility Software the individual data strips can be given alphanumeric designations making the incidents clearly visible in reports.

In the software products WinArgus and Prisma up to 60 incidents can be administered.

Incident Booklet

The Activity Booklet for Technical Service and Maintenance

With the help of the activity booklet activities of the service engineer and material consumption can be protocolled.

The data strips are defined and registered inside the winspector data bank. Activity and material data strips can be programmed to require mandatory input of quantity of materials, readings, amounts of money, mileage, etc. In the report all activities can be seen which were carried out on a machine or installation.

The winspector activity booklet can have up to 50 incident strips and as well as 10 number strips and a cancel strip for working with the Escorte as a field tool.