The Patrol Manager System











































    Patrol Manager System

  • Electronic recording of guard tours
  • "Stand-Alone" Operation without PC
  • Patrol Manager Software can be programmed for 16 guard tours and 1,750 control points, incidents and guards


Data Acquisition Unit Escorte   DOS Compatible Printer
Data Transfer Unit DTU
DOS Compatible Printer

Operates without PC

Data Strips Incident Booklet Command Book

A member of the Swiss Guard swiping a control point with the Escorte in the Apostolic Palace (Residence of the Pope) in the Vatican City

The Patrol Manager mode is a stand alone system for operating a guard tour documentation system without support of a PC.

All that is needed are a Data Acquistion Unit Escorte which includes Patrol Manager software, a Data Transfer Unit DTU, a GCS command book and DOS-compatible printer. The GCS incident book can also be used to record incidents during a guard tour.

You can also use our WinDau Communication and Evaluation software to define rounds; name control points, incidents and guards; make settings in the Escorte and store all of these in the Escorte's micro processor. The serial data transfer unit can now be connected to your printer with the printer adapter, and reports can be generated direct from the Escorte without a PC.

The Patrol Manager Software

Escorte with Patrol Manager Software

The "brain" of the Escorte makes it possible to operate a guard tour documentation system without a PC.

Patrol Manager Software, located in the microprocessor of the Escorte, does more than just read and store Data Strips. With Patrol Manager software 1,670 data strips can be programmed as control points, incidents, or identification of guards. With the command book 16 guard tours can be programmed in the Escorte.

The memory of the Escorte is approx. 12,000 readings. The recorded data stays in the memory until the control point memory is deleted manually, or until new data strips have been read after issuing a report. It is also possible to program a warning if control points are read out of sequence.

A dial string for transmission of data from remote modems can also be programmed.

The Reports

  • The Status Printout
  • The Evaluation Report
  • The Exception Report
  • The Compressed Report (Evaluation Report 2)
  • The Activity Report

Compatible Printers

Printer Name Type parallel serial
Canon BJ-30 (portable printer) Incjet Printer X  
Canon BJ-200e Incjet Printer X  
Canon BJC-85 (portable printer) Incjet Printer X  
Citizen 120 D+ Matrix Printer X X
Citizen SWIFT 120 D Matrix Printer X X
Epson LX-300 Matrix Printer X X
Epson LQ 870 Matrix Printer X  
Epson Stylus II Color Incjet Printer X  
HP Deskjet 500 Incjet Printer X X
HP Laserjet 5 Laser Printer X  
IBM Network Printer 17 Laser Printer X  
Manesmann Tally T2024 Matrix Printer X X