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    Prisma System

  • Prisma does not only manage the creation of master files for guard tours, guards and incidents, but also helps improve efficiency of your operation through patrol planning, setting time frames and statistical evaluation of guard tours.













































































The Art of Professional Management

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Prisma Software
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Prisma Software
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Prisma - a Management Information Tool

Prisma was developed together with the most renowned guarding companies in the world. The result is a software which introduces a new era in the security industry.

Due to its structure and powerful data base Prisma is not merely a system which protocols control points and rounds, but much more a Management Information Tool. It is thus an instrument for collecting data, determining efficiency and allows an exact analysis of the contribution and profit of the service provided.

Available in many languages

Prisma features highest transparency in all security aspects and is available in English, German. French, Dutch and Italian.

The Prisma Software Package includes GCS DauComm communication software.

With Prisma nothing can be planned twice or missed.

Prisma Guarding Software

Prisma runs under MS Windows 95b/98/NT or 2000. This makes it easy to handle, facilitates efficient planning, and a wide variety of custom made report options. Reports can be made not only for the customer for whom guarding services are provided, but also for measuring the efficiency of the guarding operation itself.

The clarity of the screen layout shows all functions at a glance and guarantees fast processing. Each Prisma data base can manage up to 2,000,000 data strips, RFID Tags or bar codes for control points, guards, incidents, automobiles, patrols, etc. The allocation of physical data medium to a logical data medium number guarantees discernment of the data bank.

Customer requirements are illustrated in Prisma as planned times. The data base allows individual definition of day types (weekday, weekend, night, etc.) and holidays, as well as time frames for individual control points and tours. Rounds and sites can be assigned to geographical regions or "beats" independent of customers allowing efficient patrol planning. The statistical reports can show guarding time, driving time and walking time.

Excel Statistic

The quick check function immediately shows every deviation in a performed patrol to the planned patrol, e.g. if a control point was not accessible due to construction work. Manual corrections may now be made after consulting the supervisor. All manual changes, are of course especially highlighted automatically by the system.

The Reports

Prisma - Reports

System Requirements

• IBM PC or compatible
• Screen display resolution
• Memory
• Ports
• Available hard disc space
Pentium 90
VGA 800 x 600
1 free serial port
150 MB
Pentium 233 or higher
VGA 1024 X 768 or higher
64 MB RAM or more
2 free serial ports
500 MBDepending amount of data to be stored
PS/2 Mouse
* Depending amount of data to be stored

Prisma Light Guarding Software

Prisma Light is designed at the same level of the full version, but does not have patrol planning feature. The maximum number of sites is 300. The total number of data strips for control points, incidents and personnel is limited to 5000. The number of control points in a tour is limited to 500. The Quick-Check function is restricted. Only one data base can be managed.

Prisma Light can be upgraded to the full version at any time.