Guarding - The WinArgus System


    WinArgus System

  • User friendly software
  • WinArgus is used for in-house security and for supervision of security guards
  • WinArgus is a further development of DOS-Argus Software
  • Suitable for small and medium sized operations
  • Available in several languages























































The Powerful Guarding Software Package for Windows
Saves Time and Money

Data Acquisition Unit Escorte
WinArgus Software
Data Transfer Unit DTU
WinArgus Software

Successor of the well known Argus software

WinArgus Software is a further development of the well known Argus software for DOS. It offers the comfort of a windows program surface.

Available in many languages

WinArgus is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch and Slovakian.

The WinArgus Software

Application Overview

Every start of the program demands a password. According to your personal needs, you can identify yourself as an administrator or guest. This prevents unauthorized usage as well as manipulation of important functions of the program.

WinArgus - Screenshot

WinArgus saves the planned rounds into Task Files. With WinArgus the GCS Data Strips can be used either as control points or for personal identification as well as for planned activities or incidents.

WinArgus - Screenshot

Log File

Each time the program transfers data, it tracks this activity into the log file. Viewing this file helps you to determine what has happened and show the battery status.

DAU Utility

The built in DAU Utility function informs the user about the battery status and the identification, date and time settings of the Data Acquisition Unit Escorte.

Modem Transfer

The built in modem transfer function allows you to transfer data from up to 4 different locations to central office. This allows you to view the reports at central office and to print them out.

Network Version

WinArgus can be installed into a network server. This allows data to be downloaded in the guards office and to be viewed on another computer, for example the chief officers.

The Reports

  • The Evaluation Report
  • The Summary Report
  • The Exception Report
  • The Incident Report
  • The Incident/Summary Report

System Requirements

  • compatible 80386 Standard PC
  • MSWindows 3.1 or higher
  • 4 MB RAM (minimum)
  • 4 MB free hard disk
  • Windows compatible mouse
  • physical serial interfaces (com1 - com4)