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Master Data

This database software is used to maintain master data for customers, equipment, locations and employees. It is used for preparing the service tasks and for exchanging data with the Field Tools.

winspector Stammdaten

Immediately after downloading data from one of the Field Tools, the current download report, customer/equipment reports or employee reports can be issued. The data stored can be used to generate meaningful statistics such as time spent for service on particular equipment over a given period of time.

Quick Check

The Quick Check funtion allows data to be viewed and if neceassary edited before they are imported into the database. The Quick Check shows automatically e.g. if a service job was not been closed by scanning the equipment data strip. In this case the supervisor can insert this event manually. All data modified or entered manually are marked as modified in the database.

winspector - Quick Check

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 95b/98/NT
  • Pentium 200 with 32MB RAM (64MB for NT)
  • 100 MB free on Hard Disk
  • CD-ROM drive for installation
  • 1 free serial port
  • Display with 600 x 800 Pixel

winspector Reports

The reports show detailed data for each service job performed. This includes all activities, spare parts consumed, messages and the duration of the service call.

  • The Download Report shows all service calls of the current download.
  • The Employee Report shows all service calls for one or more selected employees over a specified period.
  • The Equipment Report shows all service jobs one or more selected pieces of equipment over a specified period.
  • The Customer Report is a summary of all equipment reports, that belong to one or more selected customers.
  • The Car Report provides information about automobiles, that were used during service and maintenance activities.
  • The Customer List shows all master data for one more selected customers including equipment and locations if selected.
  • The Equipment List contains the name, location and customer name for all equipment selected.
  • The Location List provides information about all selected locations.
  • The Statistic Reports provide among others, a statistical summary of the total time consumed for selected equipment over a specified period.